Wisbech Netball League

@ Thomas Clarkson Academy

Wisbech Netball League Rules

These rules should be read in conjunction with the county rules & are only applicable to teams playing in the Wisbech Netball League (WNL).


1.1 All teams must send two representatives to the WNL & County AGM’s. All teams must send one representative to any WNL start-up meetings.

1.2 Each occasion of non-attendance will be judged individually & will be penalized by loss of points or exclusion from the league.

1.3 The WNL must be represented at all County Committee meetings. If there isn’t a county representative elected, the committee will decide on the team responsible for attending each meeting & let the team captain know.


All fixtures will be played at Thomas Clarkson Academy, Wisbech with the home team being the first on the fixtures list responsible for ensuring that the correct facilities are available & providing the match ball.


3.1 Points will be awarded as follows:

6 points for a win
4 points for a draw
3 points if within 5 goals of opponents score
2 points if within 50% of opponents score
1 point if less than 50% of opponents score


4.1 Any team cancelling a match will be deducted 2 points & the opposing team will be awarded 6 points. A cancellation fee of £5 must be given to the league organizer before their next match; this fee will be given to the opposing team as compensation. If the match is cancelled after 9.00pm the night before then that team will have to pay £10 cancellation fee to the league organizer & the relevant umpire’s fees if necessary.

4.2 If a team cancels but then all the matches are cancelled by the league organizer, this match will be reinstated.

4.3 In the event of a match being cancelled the opposing team will be awarded 30 goals. In the event of a draw at the end of the season, where one team has received 30 goals through a match being conceded, this match will be wiped from the calculations in order that the result will reflect a true picture of a team’s performance.

4.4 If a team continues to cancel then they will be deducted 4 points the second time, 6 points the third time & so on plus the £5 cancellation fee. Games may not be re-arranged except in extenuating circumstances.

4.5 Any team conceding a match in progress who is able to continue playing, will have to pay both umpires fees & they will lose their match by default.

4.6 If there is a serious injury & a player cannot be moved the umpire’s will decide whether to abandon the match. If the match has been played for more than 45 mins & the two team’s scores are not within 20 goals then the scores will stand. If not then the match will be re-arranged.

4.7 A team with five players or more must take to the court. If a team is able to play but chooses not to, then they will be deducted 2 points.


5.1 All umpires must find a replacement if they cannot umpire & notify the umpiring secretary so the rota & website can be updated.

5.2 All teams without an umpire must have someone actively learning to umpire at the youth league on Sundays. At the discretion of the umpiring secretary new umpires may umpire 3rd Division matches with a qualified umpire shadowing. Any teams without a qualified umpire will help score for umpires progressing towards a higher level award i.e A or B award.

5.3 All new teams have one year before they need to have an umpire learning. New teams must have a qualified umpire within two years.

5.4 All umpires must be affiliated to AENA, and will be monitored & assessments done in order to try & get consistency & improve the standard of umpiring.

5.5 The decision of an umpire shall be final and given without appeal whilst the match is in place. The team captain may ask the umpires or league organizer to clarify a rule at quarter time or full time. Any complaints or queries please contact the umpiring secretary in writing within 48 hours of the incident.

5.6 All umpires must notify their team captain if they cannot fulfill their commitment. If umpires cancel within 24 hours of the match then they must find a replacement themselves & let the team captain know.

5.7 An umpire may continue to umpire when pregnant as long as they are physically capable and in agreement with the league organizer to a maximum of 30 weeks.

5.8 All umpires will be paid at the start of each match when a team hands over the scorecard.

5.9 Teams will be deducted 2 points if their nominated umpire or scorer fails to take to the court without notifying the umpiring secretary or league organiser before the start of the match.


6.1 All scorecards must be filled in correctly i.e team name, date and players names in full & signed before the start of each match. It is the team’s responsibility to place the scorecard in the box at the end of each match. In the event that a team forgets then 7 days is allowed to get the card to the fixtures secretary. A deduction of 2 points for breaking the above rules.

6.2 The umpires must sign both cards & give them back to the teams. The umpires will chose the player of the match for the team card they have.

6.3 All players must be registered, please indicate if the player is a guest i.e not affiliated by marking GP at the side of their name.


7.1 All matches during the summer league will be 4 x 15 minutes & must start promptly at their allotted time; it is the umpire’s responsibility to start all matches on time. During the winter league all matches will be 4 x 12 mins. If a team is late they have 10 minutes to take to the court, after that the game will be conceded as per rule 4.1. The two teams may play a friendly for the remaining time. If a team arrives late but within the 10-minute allowance they must join in with the central timing, no time will be added on.

7.2 There will be a 3-minute interval between quarters in summer league & 2-minute in the winter league. There will be no time added on in the event of an injury, however a team is allowed 2 minutes to make re-arrangements. The umpires are responsible for monitoring rules 6.1 & 6.2. It is the player’s responsibility to call time if an injury occurs making sure the umpires can hear.


8.1 Can all players note that when playing they must not wear jewellery,sharp hair accessories, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, hats (ear rings may not be taped). Laces must be fastened & belly rings must be taped or covered. Players must not chew gum whilst playing. A wedding ring may be taped as per A.E.N.A rules.

8.2 All players must wear their team’s regulation playing uniform i.e. skirts, tracksuit, trainers etc. Jeans and normal shoes are unacceptable. If an individual player clashes with the colours of the opposite team, the umpire can ask that player to change clothing or leave the court.

8.3 No player may participate in the league whilst she is pregnant.

8.4 All matches will be played if raining & will only be cancelled if the courts are unplayable due to snow, ice, lightening or flooding. Teams will be notified as early as possible. Please don’t contact the league organizer before 6pm.

8.5 All teams MUST have there own first aid kit.

8.6 Nails must be short & smooth and not protruding over the back of fingers.


9.1 All players must be affiliated to play in the WNL, with the exception of school teams (who are exempt) or new teams who are allowed one whole season before they must affiliate. The current fees are £33.70 per adult & £19.20 per junior U18 years and £9.85 per junior U14. Second claim £6.50.

9.2 A player who is not affiliated may play as a guest player twice per affiliated year. The name of the player must appear on the results card with "GP" marked next to their name. Guest players names in full to be emailed to the Affiliation Secretary within 24 hours of the match being played. If she wishes to play again she must be affiliated before the match. NO MORE THAN TWO GUEST PLAYERS MAY BE USED IN A TEAM AT A TIME.

Should a team breach either of the above rules (9.1 or 9.2) they will receive a 2 point deduction, and the game will be declared void, the opposing team will be awarded a 30-0 win.

9.3 Each team must register any known players at the start of the season (winter or summer). The maximum amount of players that can be registered is 20no per season. Any team with unregistered players will lose their match by default. Penalty for going over maximum is £10 per person. All guest players will be registered as soon as they are named on the score cards.

9.4 All teams must pay the league entry fee in advance to enter the league & receive their scorecards. This will be set by the committee depending on the number of entries & will cover all match fees.

9.5 The minimum recommended umpires fees are – A award £17.50, B award £17.50, C Award £15, Beginner £12.50 any unqualified umpires will receive £7.50.


10.1 A player may transfer clubs during the season only if both teams are agreeable. The league chair must be notified prior to the change. This player will then be removed from the former teams registration list.

10.2 Where a club has more than one team, it must register a minimum of seven first team members,
seven second, seven third etc. A named player may play down in the team immediately below once per season but may not return to her former team for the following two league matches. If she plays down more than once, that player will be deemed a member of the lower team and will not be permitted to play up for the remainder of the current (winter or summer) season.

10.3 If a player plays up within her club for two consecutive league games she will be deemed to
be a named player of the team that she plays for on the second occasion. No player may play for more than one team on the same day.

10.4 Only one named player may play in the team immediately below at a time.

10.5 All players must be 14 years or over to be eligible to play in the league except in exceptional circumstances & only by prior agreement of the WNL committee.

The penalty for any breaches of the rules in Section 10 are a deduction of 2 points for the infringing team, and the game will be declared void, the opposing team will be awarded a 30-0 win. Should a team breach the same rule again within the same affiliation year they will be deducted 4 points for the second offence, 6 points for the third offence & so on.


11.1 The WNL committee will decide on whether to run any tournaments throughout the season.

11.2 No smoking is allowed on or around the netball court area.

11.3 The WNL committee may change a decision of any of the above rules if there are extenuating circumstances.

11.4 Please note on or around the netball courts any use of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated. Any players or spectators breaching this rule will be asked to leave.

11.5 Every club or team in the league must be represented at all committee meeting. If a club fails to send a representative to a meeting, each of their teams in the league will have a 1 point deduction. If the same club or team misses a second consecutive meeting there will be a 2 point deduction per team. The third consecutive meeting that is missed will result in a 3 point deduction per team and committee discussions which could result in disqualification from the league.